Thursday, 3 July 2014

New altered book

I'm working on a new altered book about Time.  The idea came to me on the last visit to Snowshill Manor.

I've been doing a bit of sketching in amongst everything else, and a lot of gesso-ing and sticking too!!

Here's a quick effort to keep you amused.  Wings of time?  Times wing-ed chariot? Time flies? Lots of options.  It was taken from an advert I found whilst browsing the internet for something totally unrelated, so I wouldn't want to use it as is, but clocks with wings is an interesting idea.


  1. Sounds very Dali-esque to me (clocks with wings!)

    But time flies (ha has) and so must I - back to Milton Keynes and the day job. And since no one has yet invented the teleporter big enough to transport faithful Pfaff, Whippet X and other assorted goodies, I've got to pack the Citroen 5 Estate (the battle wagon!)

    So you keep on sketching, and sticking and gessoing and I'll keep the wheels of commerce grinding on (thought I know what I'd rather be doing!)

    Sorry - bit of a ramble there!

    Hilary xx

  2. Research has shown just how much of a cliche clocks with wings maybe I'll pass on that one, but will log it in the hind brain for a snippet in something else. I'm working really hard at the moment, so apologies for the late comment, and thank you for yours!