Thursday, 3 July 2014

New sketchbook - thoughts on paper

I've just had 2 new sketchbooks delivered.

I really wish that when I started to use sketchbooks I'd the foresight to buy masses all in the same size, so that now they could be displayed as a library of neat little books.  I could have had a little corner in my library for impulse buys, and sketchbooks with paper made from elephant dung, but the majority would have some conformity.

Am I a little compulsive about uniformity?  I try not to be, honestly I do, but I currently have a pile of odd sized books and not two covers are the same!

I thought I'd try out the sketchbook shown on the left as I was guided by the shop's description which said suitable for wet mixed media.  In truth, you could probably mix concrete on the pages without seepage. They are Ivory 180lb cold press extra heavy weight paper.

It now seems a shame just to sketch in them.  Really Rainbow, you're such an idiot.  I wanted them to do some portraiture in, but am now compelled to dunk them in something large and wet as they can obviously cope with it.  Mmmmmm, the pond?


  1. This post and your last made me laugh, thanks for brightening my day.

  2. I'm afraid I would have a very hard time starting one of those white pages … hell, the whole book would make me shy away ! I'd want everything/mark made to be absolutely perfect ! LOL ! Have fun !

  3. Get a cup of tea and pour it on NOW!!!! A sketchbook without work is like a pie shell without a filling!!! A sketchbook without work is a Coppélia, an unfurnished house, a blank face, a planet without life, fabric without stitch, cheese without apple.
    PS I buy Pink Pig in bulk, then make fabric covers for them when they are full and they make a shelf I am very proud of!

  4. Hello Georgina, Wow, OK, that's me told!! You're so right though....I shall have a think about how best to be very liquid.

    1. Oooo no not at all!! It's turned out to be very useful to have books that withstand so much as I've been lathering on all sorts and it doesn't go through to the next page. Better than I thought which is nice.

    2. That's good! Isn't it good to find robustness in life - I feel the need of some robustness! Apparently the word root is from 'strong as oak' and whilst I know from the old song that to be a willow who can bend is of merit, sometimes strength is what is required!

  5. Annabel, I am like you, I have a collection of random sketchbooks, some of which I bought because I liked the shape/size/colour/paper, but I too want a neat library. This obviously requires forward planning and logical thought processes, not my skills, I must admit. Is it too late to start? The trouble is, I still have some lovely beasts in my unused pile, including a gorgeous black Khadi paper chappie.

  6. Hiya Steph! I think it might be too late for me - way too many sketchbooks already done - although I did throw a few old ones out the other day. Sacrelidge maybe, but it was fun going through them and tearing out anything I thought might be useful and then finally throwing the remains of them in the bin. Quite theraputic! I also confess that I have half a dozen sketchbooks that are too gorgeous to use. Daft isn't it?!!


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