Friday, 4 July 2014

Quick update and some lillies for you

 Lillies - pen and ink.  I discovered dots as well as cross hatching!

We've had a trying week chez Rainbow and I've forgone all sewing and drawing pleasures in order to be a nurse for a while.  All is well, but it's a matter of priorities.  I can't wait to get back to it all as I keep thinking of new ideas and quilts to make, but need to actually have the time to do them!

So sadly, nothing new to see just at the moment, and I shall continue for a few more days being the best impression of Florence Nightingale that I can, and will be back soon! (though didn't Florence take to her bed for years?)


  1. Lovely lilies! I hope you don't succumb to the lurgy. I love pen and ink but havn't done any in yonks. Very relaxing.

    1. Thanks Julie. It's a lovely way to fiddle about with a sketchbook in front of the tv. I'm going to search for a pen which puts ink onto the paper the minute I touch it. I've had trouble with the ink flowing and have to go back over my lines a couple of times before any ink comes out the pen, and that's annoying. I used to have better ones so will go and do some research - probably rotring.