Saturday, 16 November 2013

Slight confession and a bit of distraction

Once again, I find myself working too slowly for my own comfort.  It's not that I'm sitting around doing nothing - I don't know how to! - it's just that the exhibition, new baby, and other things are taking their fair share of time.  I get quite cross with myself when I think about how slow I am and all the things I need to be doing!

I am managing to fiddle around with these Christmas tags from another idea on DMTV. And I'm doing a bit of work in my sketchbook about the guerrilla gardening.

This sketchbook page will be about the geranium trains that schoolchildren make each year for the town's parks etc.

But mostly, of course, I'm temporarily blinded by this little charmer.....
Evie xx


  1. Annabel

    Don't beat yourself up!

    I haven't managed to do any home made gift tags, despite all my good intentions.

    I am getting nothing creative done at the moment, except blogging about other peoples creative goodies.

    I'm thinking 'Let's get Christmas out of the way and then I can get back to the muse!'

    Loving your tags by the way.


  2. Too fabulous - every bit of it! You have to seize the holiday festiveness when it hits - all too soon it will be past and you will have no excuse for dilly dallying. ;-)