Saturday, 26 October 2013

That's Christmas done then.

Well, I'm sorted for Christmas! Busy day making cake, puddings and mincemeat....a dried fruit frenzy.


  1. I love the picture, thought you are starting a new quilt.

  2. Goodness, you are way ahead of me, Christmas? when's that happening

  3. Well, I'm Im Pressed too if I'm honest! I don't do a lot of cooking if I can avoid it these days, but I was in the groove and decided to have a push. Homemade mincemeat is soooo much nicer that I'm always glad I made the effort. All recipes are Delias with the usual know the sort of thing, "oh, I don't have enough currants! Never mind cranberries will do" or "oh blast, no lemons...I'll use gin that's got fruity overtones"