Friday, 25 July 2014

The first book in a tin.


I'm not a great one for satin bows and stick on gemstones, buttons and fol de rols, but there wasn't a lot to hand this lunch time so just went with the flow, because I wanted to decorate the inside of one of my boxes.

I wanted the box to be untouched on the outside but a bit more fun on the inside. The stuff on the left hand side of the lid is part of a sheet of shell, that you can cut to size if you're careful - it's very brittle.

The little vase is a photocopy of the piece I made last week for the Quilters Guild sale of unfinished items.  They're trying to raise funds, and although not a member myself for various reasons, I do think the Quilt Museum is an excellent thing, so was happy to support the cause.


  1. Replies
    1. I just love to put things in things! The book is a catalogue of work since I started quilting - just a piccy and name.

  2. Did the vase quilt sell? Could you repost the link to the guild site if the auction is still going on?

    1. Happily the vase did sell but the auction is still going on if you'd like to look. I think new stuff goes up as it comes in.!untitled/ciaa

    2. Thanks, Annabel. I was pretty sure you had an eager buyer for it so it is good to hear it did sell. I saw lots of other interesting pieces so don't know why I didn't bookmark the site. Guess I thought you would be my reminder - and so you are! Off to take another look.