Friday, 19 April 2013

The Life of Time is Motion.

I went to Snowshill Manor again this afternoon, to see if I could take a picture of a Japanese or Chinese table, on which I could put the pots I've been collecting for Life 6  (Still Life).  I love that place. It's endlessly fascinating and I see something new each time I visit it.

I couldn't find what I wanted today, but I did collect a lot of inspiration for the next, but one, Life piece. It'll be "Life 8 - The Life of time is Motion" or something along those lines.  I've been thinking a lot about this piece and when I saw the huge clock, pictured at the bottom of this posting, something inside my head went ping.

 A possible table below this table!

 I'm a sucker for cabinets and boxes with drawers in them.  One day I'll buy myself one and fill it with treasures. Maybe not an ancient chinese one like the one on the right, but maybe the IKEA equivalent!!

This is the clock.

One of the sayings on the wall, is inspiring me too and will doubtless work it's way in somewhere.

 "Time, swifter than the wind, yet still as a stone"

How flipping-well true.

The tiny sculpture was on the window frame by the exit. Easily passed by, but exquisite.  I can so see this face looking down from the top corner of a quilt.


  1. I love that phrase 'The Life of Time is Motion'.

    And that is interesting - to take the name of the quilt/art piece first. I am still a bit 'afraid' of words in art - I think this is another barrier to break to help 'free me up'.

    Hilary G

  2. I wonder why you're afraid of text in your work? I used to think that text wasn't quite right in a piece of visual art, but I've changed my mind! It adds another layer of meaning which people can take or leave, and it's something that is easier to do on a textile as opposed to a painting. It's nice to have that extra edge and I think we should embrace it!