Sunday, 13 July 2014

There really aren't enough hours in the day, or days in a year!

Crikey, time speeds up the older you get and the more you do!  It seems as if I fill every day to the brim but still don't get enough things done.

I'm stressing because I have 4 quilts that I want to get made and sorted before next June.  A doddle I hear you say????  Well, no, not when you're gardening on lots of projects, and trying to see as much as possible of your delightful granddaughter,.... never mind the decorating, marmalade making, family stuff, and the odd bouts of cleaning. Phew.

BUT I am determined to make enough time for the things I want to do.  Absolutely determined, ...starting with spending and hour blogging and faffing around on the internet!!

Here's granddaughters birthday cake - a joint effort between my two girls. I believe there's still some left!

And here's the current gardening project - well part of it.  It goes right behind the building and to the right of it. Early stages yet, but it might be a wildlife garden of some kind with willow walks, vegetables and maybe a small orchard.

Through our Hands is doing really well, and the shop is now up and running quite smoothly. Exhibitions have been organized and there's more of them to be arranged over the coming months, with some very exciting venues. Fingers crossed.  All I need do now is make the work to go in them.  I did also think (and it may just be a temporary aberration) that I'll have a go at one of the foq comps in the summer as well. It's at the bottom of the list, but is an excuse to make something a bit different to the Life Stories.  Well, you need an excuse don't you?!

So I'd best get started. Hadn't I? Yes, I should. Ok, I'm going.....BACK SON x


  1. Balancing what you need to do and what you want to do is so important. I believe that everything works out better when there is a good chunk of 'want to do' in the mix.

  2. Hello Maggi. Very true! I'm not sure which comes first - want or need. Wants: eg wash the floor, dye some cloth? cook dinner, finish painting? Needs: I guess people always come first though, as in: cuddle granddaughter, or sew on leaves. In fact cuddling granddaughter, comes just above everything else, ever!