Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I've bought these to play with - paints and rocks!

We have at last got an art shop where I live, so I don't have to persuade DH to drive me to Coventry when I need new paint and can't wait. This will save me an awful lot of compensatory pie making.

It's called Chrome Yellow and is on the Radford Road just past the railway bridge.  I needed some more white paint so popped in and was distracted by these.  

The pots on the left are 2 out of a wide selection, of rocks - well, ok, pigments.  Pip Seymour travels the world collecting these things, and they are a bit like a hard chalk pastel to use.  They are odd shapes so give lots of opportunities for mark making.  They all seem slightly different too, so one may only give you a scratch, and another in the same jar will be like spreading butter.  Fascinating.

The paints are acrylics and are supposed to have a high pigment to binder rate.  He makes them on a small scale, selling to small shops and not the large chains or individual artists.  I bought three tubes to try.  The white is fine, smooth and creamy, and I like it, but the other two are slightly gritty.You can't really see the grit, but if you run a finger through them, you can defintely feel it. This isn't so good for what I want.   They weren't particularly cheap either. Those 5 items were £55.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Tales from the Coffee Table, 2 - The Poison Flask of Kinko Ennis

The coffee table is in my living room and is packed with junk high class collectables and I've decided to share with the world the made up stories family histories of some of the pieces.

The Poison Flask of Kinko Ennis

Kinko Ennis was known to be inscrutable. 

No one knows exactly how old she was when she went as a maid to work for the Shogun Iemochi and his new wife Princess Kazu, in the Women's Palace of Edo Castle. She was probably about 8 but no one in the village she was born in tracked time. She belonged to the family of a Samuri, and was taught to be impassive and proud of her high birth. No one ever knew what she was thinking.

Most of the women in the Women's Palace were virgins and some who had been born there had never seen a man.  They slept only with the Shogun, but were rarely asked. Their greatest wish was to be the Shogun's number one concubine.

Kinko Ennis wasn't happy and was bullied by the women who demanded impossibly high standards. They were jealous of her beauty and her startling green eyes.  She dressed as all the ladies did, in the most glorious kimono, tied with elaborate and long obi in the finest silks, painted and embroidered with plants and animals.  Her hair was combed continuously strand by strand, and scented with burning incense. She was surrounded by gold and opulence - furniture heavily lacquered and inlaid with ivory and precious jewels, but her greatest love was the ritualized fighting with a halberd, and dagger. But she was very beautiful and very inpenetrable and despatched several rivals when no one was looking.

Of course when combat failed, there was always poison.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Altered book pages - challenge book update.

 I'm not a huge fan of things you buy to stick into or onto things, but the local book sale was having a clearout for the Christmas goods, (good grief it's only August) so I bought a few.  Putting loads of acrylic gel around stuff to blur the edges helps but they still look a bit plonked on. Never mind, I shall endeavour to cover them up a bit more later.

I've divided the right hand page into 3  and cut up to look like luggage labels.  Not sure where they should take us yet - maybe darkest Peru.

Mmmm, and what to put on here?

I'm going to have to flatten that butterfly!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tales from the Coffee Table - number 14, Grandfather Hiram's dental syringe.(to be read in an American accent)

(btw The coffee table is in my living room and is packed with junk high class collectables and I've decided to share with the world the made up stories family histories of some of the pieces)

Once upon a time, in about 18 hundred and freezing to death, my Great, Great Grandfather Wyatt was a seller of snake oil.

It seemed to his family, that he was born running, and he spent his life dodging amongst folk, making a living where he could.  He came from Nebraska, and was lean and handsome, and could tell a tale like no other man. He wasn't stupid, and he wasn't kind. He got into a gunfight over some cattle and ended his days at the end of a rope.

He had 3 wives, but only one child. His daughter Jane, was his most cherished possession, but she ran away when she was 15 with a cowhand from Texas. She gave birth to Hiram when she was just 16 and hated the future she had been dealt.  She decided on a religious life -  Praise the Lord- and left Hiram to be raised by his grandmother. It seemed to everyone, that young Hiram had inherited Wyatt's wonderlust and gift of the blarney.

Hiram lived on a diet of apples and carrots and was famed for his teeth.  It was easy for him to sell folks his cures for toothache which he made from rubbing whisky and laudanaum. Now folk don't like pain and they don't like dentists but there's a good living to be made from travelling round and pulling teeth.

He hooked up with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and came to London with the horses. Horses get bad teeth and Hiram knew just how to calm them down so they could be treated. His fame grew and Queen Victoria learned of his prowess and commanded him to attend to help with her carriage donkeys, which she fed sugar lumps and boiled sweets. Hiram was eventually awarded the Queen's Medal for Bravery in the Face of Petrified Animals and spent a happy retirment in the Cotswolds. Above is his dental syringe, used on donkeys and not, as the stories will tell you, on Queen Victoria.

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Here at Chez Rainbow, we have been on the receiving end of the gift of natures bounty.

A great day. A great day in fact for shoving a cucumber through your neighbours letter box and shouting "The Martians have landed".

Thank you Laura and Linda, you brightened our day.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Best use ever for quilt show labels, and the last of the miniature book pages

I had a rummage through Book Sale yesterday looking for labels, and found these foam stick on shapes.  Fans of DMTV may well have watched Laura using some stamps recently that she'd made from similar circle shapes. 

Of course whenever you see anyone else do something, it's perfect.  You can't beat what they do and yet you don't want to copy, so I picked these up because they had lots of different sized squares in them.  OK, not exactly original, but hey I tried and wanted to try the stamping ideas.

So, I needed to stick my self adhesive shapes onto something but couldn't find anything suitable for wet media, until I found, at the bottom of my workbox, and old label from FoQ 2011. A Highly Commended sticker, which was perfect! 

So now I'm all set to make some more papers.

  Here's the last pages of the miniature book

Yes, this bit of log cabin is fabric and it's tiny weeny and was a badge given to me by a kind soul from Whitby.

Of course, me being me, I made this book to go in a old tin. I've carried on filling it up and having fun, only to find that the book is lovely and chunky and doesn't close properly because the pages are so stuffed.  Not a problem. Well, it wouldn't be if the book still fitted in the tin, which it doesn't. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Through Our Hands magazine OUT NOW! Link below

I couldn't wait to share the exciting news that the 2nd edition of the free Through Our Hands magazine is out now and is packed to the gunnels with exciting articles and inspiration. Click the link to read and share.

Or click the image to read here

Sunday, 10 August 2014

I hate sport, but, that's quite useful

How chuffed am I?  After years of waiting patiently, it would appear I have bees.Yay.  I like a bee. 

Has anyone noticed that the BBC have gone a bit mad lately??  It's been a summer of continuous sport - Tennis, Commonwealth Games, Cycling, World Cup, Golf, - followed by WW1 commemorations, and they not only covered these - as they should - but they've gone GIGANTIC about it all. Really, non stop.  For weeks, sports coverage was on all night every night on Channel 1 and a lot on Channel 2 and 3 as well. Not only the actual sport, but the life stories of the athletes, the tears, the "what they're doing in the home town to celebrate that their hero came 19th in the tiddlywinks"  the endless banal chomping away by commentators when nothing much is happening.  Shiver.

I hate sport.  I can't see the point of it. OK, I'm a bit of a porker, and I've toyed with running and the gym in an effort to ameliorate the effects of my mouth, and I do try to walk every day to keep myself fit and I garden a lot, but I don't think that's why people do sport. I can only conclude that they must like it.  They obviously didn't spend all their time at school in the girls bogs hiding like what I did!!  Ridiculous, running about being competitive. My school gym mistress was as mad as a bucket of frogs, and didn't always notice when I wasn't there which was handy.  But, when she did notice, I can still hear her bellowing away like a cow in labour now: "Jones? Get your arse out that toilet now, you idle good for nothing!!"  Ah me, school days..feel the love.

So why useful.  Well of course, if I'm not vegging out, I have to do something.  I'm not the sort of person that sits idly about - never have been.  So I've been fiddling about with all sorts of stuff.  Here's some: your turn to be bored?!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Working on today - more book pages

 None of these pages are resolved, I'm just working through and having fun.

My daughter is with me at the moment, and has let me copy an image of one of her cartoon characters (she's writing a book for her neice)  I've put it in the Challenge Altered Book, as there's a poem called The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock.  I thought she could be his love child!!