Monday, 18 August 2014

Best use ever for quilt show labels, and the last of the miniature book pages

I had a rummage through Book Sale yesterday looking for labels, and found these foam stick on shapes.  Fans of DMTV may well have watched Laura using some stamps recently that she'd made from similar circle shapes. 

Of course whenever you see anyone else do something, it's perfect.  You can't beat what they do and yet you don't want to copy, so I picked these up because they had lots of different sized squares in them.  OK, not exactly original, but hey I tried and wanted to try the stamping ideas.

So, I needed to stick my self adhesive shapes onto something but couldn't find anything suitable for wet media, until I found, at the bottom of my workbox, and old label from FoQ 2011. A Highly Commended sticker, which was perfect! 

So now I'm all set to make some more papers.

  Here's the last pages of the miniature book

Yes, this bit of log cabin is fabric and it's tiny weeny and was a badge given to me by a kind soul from Whitby.

Of course, me being me, I made this book to go in a old tin. I've carried on filling it up and having fun, only to find that the book is lovely and chunky and doesn't close properly because the pages are so stuffed.  Not a problem. Well, it wouldn't be if the book still fitted in the tin, which it doesn't. 

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