Sunday, 10 August 2014

I hate sport, but, that's quite useful

How chuffed am I?  After years of waiting patiently, it would appear I have bees.Yay.  I like a bee. 

Has anyone noticed that the BBC have gone a bit mad lately??  It's been a summer of continuous sport - Tennis, Commonwealth Games, Cycling, World Cup, Golf, - followed by WW1 commemorations, and they not only covered these - as they should - but they've gone GIGANTIC about it all. Really, non stop.  For weeks, sports coverage was on all night every night on Channel 1 and a lot on Channel 2 and 3 as well. Not only the actual sport, but the life stories of the athletes, the tears, the "what they're doing in the home town to celebrate that their hero came 19th in the tiddlywinks"  the endless banal chomping away by commentators when nothing much is happening.  Shiver.

I hate sport.  I can't see the point of it. OK, I'm a bit of a porker, and I've toyed with running and the gym in an effort to ameliorate the effects of my mouth, and I do try to walk every day to keep myself fit and I garden a lot, but I don't think that's why people do sport. I can only conclude that they must like it.  They obviously didn't spend all their time at school in the girls bogs hiding like what I did!!  Ridiculous, running about being competitive. My school gym mistress was as mad as a bucket of frogs, and didn't always notice when I wasn't there which was handy.  But, when she did notice, I can still hear her bellowing away like a cow in labour now: "Jones? Get your arse out that toilet now, you idle good for nothing!!"  Ah me, school days..feel the love.

So why useful.  Well of course, if I'm not vegging out, I have to do something.  I'm not the sort of person that sits idly about - never have been.  So I've been fiddling about with all sorts of stuff.  Here's some: your turn to be bored?!!


  1. Lovely rich colours - and anything teeny weeny has such appeal - and I concur with spread no.8!!

  2. Never saw the point in it either, but give him indoors a subscription to sky sport and the tele box and he doesn't notice what I am up to :).

  3. I agree, far too much sport, but if that means you produce little gems like this, then there is a silver lining to it! Would most of the population be prepared to watch us quilters/textile artists producing our work on tv? I think not, but there should be a fairer balance of sport versus arty crafty. Your little book is just gorgeous. ;)

  4. Oh my word - so tiny! I can't help myself...don't be offended...they are so CUTE!

    And darn artistic too. ;-) Nice fiddling!

  5. Lots of sport, yes, but the BBC has had an astonishing number of programmes about bees too!