Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I've bought these to play with - paints and rocks!

We have at last got an art shop where I live, so I don't have to persuade DH to drive me to Coventry when I need new paint and can't wait. This will save me an awful lot of compensatory pie making.

It's called Chrome Yellow and is on the Radford Road just past the railway bridge.  I needed some more white paint so popped in and was distracted by these.  

The pots on the left are 2 out of a wide selection, of rocks - well, ok, pigments.  Pip Seymour travels the world collecting these things, and they are a bit like a hard chalk pastel to use.  They are odd shapes so give lots of opportunities for mark making.  They all seem slightly different too, so one may only give you a scratch, and another in the same jar will be like spreading butter.  Fascinating.

The paints are acrylics and are supposed to have a high pigment to binder rate.  He makes them on a small scale, selling to small shops and not the large chains or individual artists.  I bought three tubes to try.  The white is fine, smooth and creamy, and I like it, but the other two are slightly gritty.You can't really see the grit, but if you run a finger through them, you can defintely feel it. This isn't so good for what I want.   They weren't particularly cheap either. Those 5 items were £55.

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