Monday, 15 September 2014

Back to drawing today - my first digital effort

I've had a few days off from the drawing because of this wonderful little bean of a person you see on the left.

However, I'm back into it today.  I thought I'd try the digital drawing idea.  Now don't ask me to explain how to do it because it's far too complicated for this blog, but it's fun to do and quite easy to do once you've got the gist.  If you're interested, you'll have to ask Laura!

OK, it's not perfect, but she has some ideas for playing around with it in a sketchbook, so I'm going to do that next.


  1. You're having much better luck than I have. I'm doing it on a kindle fire and think among other things that I need a different stylus. But there's potential there if one is willing to grapple with the learning curve. It drives me crazy that I can't access a help screen, but must learn by trial and error what the different symbols mean and how to navigate. One review of my app calls it fairly intuitive, another complains that it's not very intuitive. I side with the latter!

    1. I was given a sylus for my birthday, and it's got a really fine point - a bit like a biro. I tried it with the rounded sponge ended ones and it wasn't very good. These things are complex to begin with but it's dmtv that got me started. You don't need much, just a push in the right direction to fathom it out!! It still takes practise though - it's just another tool I guess.