Friday, 26 September 2014

Daily sketch - locust/cricket/small creature, cage

My daughter bought me back this little cage from Hong Kong. She worked there for a while and managed to find a shop selling antiques and collectables; quite difficult in Hong Kong!

I can't remember what creature it was made for exactly, but it was carved by the person who carried it round and used the insects for fights etc. Ugh. It's made of bone and has small carvings on the top and bottom, a bit like scrimshaw work.

It will be one for my coffee table tales at some point I'm sure - we're about due for another!!

The sketches were from a digital drawing, pen and ink, and water soluble pencil.  Didn't like using the latter much, but it's a technique with potential for me as long as I remember to wet the paper before not afterwards.

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