Saturday, 27 September 2014

Daily sketch - Nerine

Bit trickier than I thought. Lots of frilly petals. I'm not sure if I'm getting better, but I'm certainly getting quicker!

The nice thing about doing all these flowers etc., is that I can use some of them for a body of work about a year in the life of a field.  I've been taking snapshots throughout the year, and quietly been storing source information and collecting ideas.  There should be enough now for an exhibition of some sort but probably not for a year - or maybe two! 

Here's an earlier post about it all:
The Tip Field (down by the River past the Sewage Works)
Now doesn't that sound inviting?

I recently saw an exhibition of Turner and Constable at Compton Verney . It's probably sacrilege to say that I didn't entirely enjoy the works, but tacked onto the end in a separate room, was a collection of modern landscape interpretations which I found very inspiring.

As well as working on the Life Stories, I thought I'd like to try something different as well, and have begun to think of ideas for a landscapes of my own possibly for exhibition.

I like to walk when I can, and there is a path from my house through the woods, across the road, and river, past the sewage works, and corporation tip, and into a field.  Doesn't that sound a delightful place?!!

If you look at the photo above, it seems peaceful enough, but - and it happens very rarely - you can see a swan in the river and a canoe on it, a pedestrian on the footpath, a lorry passing over the road, a train on the bridge, which goes over the road, and an airplane passing over the railway bridge, over the road.  I've never had a camera with me when it's happened!

It's not a spectacular field but is away from the roads and cuts across the Grand Union canal.  I used to love walking the dog here and have made several quilts about it before, but not an actual landscape.
I have lots of ideas but will probably be visiting it every week or so for the whole of the coming year,  (I started last month) and will record the things I see - animals, plants, people etc and how they change.

The format is a bit in the air for now, but I have two possibilities - I may just do both if I have time. I'll see how it all develops.

They will be a departure, an experiment, and will involve lots of drawing and I'm hoping I won't flag!

Who knows this may end up as a huge body of work - there's endless inspiration!

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