Friday, 19 September 2014

Now, today's sketch isn't very resolved, but at least shows an effort!  I'll work into a bit more this evening.

I've found that the evening - half an hour, an hour maybe, in front of the TV is a great time for me to draw.  I also don't feel such a couch potato when I've achieved something however small.

Life chez Rainbow has been a bit busy, and I still want to redecorate the studio before winter, so not much "proper" work has been done lately whilst I do lots of other jobs. By this I mean the Life Story series of quilts    I'm anxious to press on with these so maybe the "studio" will have to wait.

I've been gardening, out and about, making websites for family members, all sorts really. Am I putting things off? Am I having a holiday?  Who knows but I did wake up this morning determined to do some sewing again.

I have fiddled slightly with the painting, but it's not finished by a long chalk.  But it's ok, I can come back to it.  There's no patterning on any of the fabrics, the chair, the walls and the floor all need doing.  The face needs work and the paint on the body needs definition (sorry, am I talking out loud??!)

All this before it's printed and then turned into a quilt.

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  1. Annabel - love your sketches and love your latest WIP.

    Decorating the studio does feel a bit ambitious, but then you're such a force of nature it'll be done in a whisk of a paintbrush!