Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Progress on a life painting using acrylics.

Feedback on the Pip Seymour paints.

In the last post, I showed some acrylics that I'd bought - a new variety to me - but I have to say that I'm disappointed in them.  The white was gel like, and had a smell which I found unpleasant, and it still, after 5 days, hasn't dried like you'd expect a normal or even an open, acrylic to do.  This leads me to wonder if the label was wrong and it's in fact oil paint!  But, I wasn't keen on the other two either which were terribly bitty without much body colour.

I'm working on a life painting at the moment.  If you follow the studio blog, you'll know that I'm working on a series of Life Quilts.  I'm on number 14 in what I hope will be, a large collection.

This one is a little different to the others, as I'm starting with a painting on canvas.  It's progressing and when I can spare the time, I'm doing 2/3 hours bursts on it.  I thought I'd show the results of those bursts on my Facebook page, but am catching up here too.
When the painting is finished, I'll ask Laura to print it for me onto a cotton fabric. She uses dyes rather than ink, so I'll be able to use all the processes I use on my own home dyed fabrics....discharge mostly! 

One of the great things about having the work printed is that I can have as many copies as I like and can play around altering each version, so that there's a whole mini-series!! 

I have only 2 ideas at the moment; one involves time and clocks, and the other involves being very happy for all sorts of reasons - mostly involving cake!!!

It's really odd working on a canvas again after nearly 2 years of fabric only. The biggest drawback is the surface when it's been painted is plasticy, and it's not on fabric, so thin washes don't work as well. This is how I normally prefer to build colour so I've had to rethink how I paint a bit.  I love painting in oils and would be getting a better result had I chosen to use them, but I had to buy an awful lot of new tubes to have the colours I needed.

If the painting goes well, I might try this again but bite the bullet and switch to oils.

These photos show the first 5 bursts of enthusiasm!!

The alterations and progress on the quilt side, will be on the studio blog. (link above)

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