Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ratfinks...the dreaded box blight strikes

I have a small knot garden made out of dwarf box, and some larger shaped ones too.

Unfortunately they have succumed to box blight - that dreadful fugus that is destroying all the box hedging. There's no cure, it won't go away.  If you've got it the only thing to do is to dig up the plants and burn them.   I've started this afternoon but I'm sad as I liked them.  Oh, well, perhaps I shall enjoy planning a new garden!


  1. You and Monty Don! Out with the old - in with the new!

    1. It was very sad taking them all out. They weren't all diseased but it looked like a set of old dentures after I'd removed the dying ones. You can't replant for 6 years! So not a lot of option. I've gone for a mixed border instead as I have lots of plant material in the back garden I can use, but I've also put loads of bulbs in too. Sick of the sight of bulbs!