Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Couple more daily sketches.

 Well, not exactly sketches but quick pieces in the sketchbook.  I think the idea is to do something - whatever you do being of good worth!

Left - Rosehips.  This is the next step from the digital tracing and I've blown the image up a bit larger and added a background wash and some water soluble crayon.

Below:  (another DMTV special) I've used a postcard of the Pitt Rivers museum roof.  It's a bit thick but I've tried to integrate it into the page and extend the drawing.  Trouble with making it up, is that the result has some iffy architecture, and doesn't look like it would stand up to a heavy downpour!

So, nothing tremendous but it's easy to do in front of the TV.  Tonight I'm having a night off though - it's the Bake Off final :)

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