Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pre-decorating shuffle

Why is it that when you start one thing you end up having to do several other things first?

Painting the studio before winter sounds a breeze, but it involved tidying up a bit.  Which in turn involved having a sort through and moving things so I could actually get to the walls.  Then I had to sort the garden shed so I had somewhere to put stuff like cat litter trays, and that in turn involved doing the same to clear the garage and then the loft. Phew.  All with a chest infection!

Several tip runs later and a house that is a lot emptier, and tidier, but I still haven't painted!  I did find some altered books I'd forgotten about.......

.......and these little pencil holders. I made them so I didn't have to keep scrabbling for the right pencil in amongst the dozens that I have.

And here's a rag rug DD2 made and I found in the garage. A nice jolly addition to offset all that white paint that WILL be on the walls soon.

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