Friday, 21 November 2014

A final canter around some portraits

I loved this one.  Obviously Judi Dench!

A white coat and grey hair against a large white background - which has absolutely nothing else in it.
It's a massive painting, and the bare space focuses your eye on the victim sitter.
 A complete contrast.  Flattened people stuck to the wall.  They do have individual features though. They're all lavishly dressed with halos around their head (but placed so it doesn't interfere with the features I noticed)  Does this mean that what you look like is more important than your role in the church.  Probably not!! 

Isn't this stonking?  Again a neutral background but not empty.  Cups of tea float around out of perspective and with the tea remaining in the cups!  
 I liked this one for the excessive amount of pink.  My own feeling is that apoplexy is just around the corner. 

This one was part of a larger picture featuring Queen Victoria. I just thought it was beautifully done, and I loved the glow of light on dark skin.

 Just beautifully painted - like porcelain.

Very dramatic and loose paintwork.  I liked the use of red and green (opposites on the colour wheel)

Finally my favourite for today. Part of a much larger picture.  I loved the green in the face, the intense look in the eyes, and the use of text mixed in.  I shall remember this one!


  1. The portrait series of posts is interesting and educational both. I do admire those who have the knack of making portraits ... but was encouraged recently to see that Edward Bawden came to it when he had almost nothing else to do but portraits, during his time as a war artist. Perhaps there's a moment when "suddenly it happens"?

  2. I'll let you know!! Thank you Margaret, it was very enjoyable to write them. I struggle with portraits but there's something about them that keeps me coming back - I like the challenge I guess. It's like doing a difficult jigsaw