Thursday, 27 November 2014

Apple cake

I thought, to start off with, that I was very excited because of the new work I've got planned and the ideas running through my head for the 2 exhibitions Through Our Hands are having next year. But, I realize now, that although that's treeeeemendous fun, the rush of good feeling is caused by an overdose of Apple Cake.

DH not being around yesterday - off to Highgate to eat pies (nothing to do with the cemetery) - I was alone for the day and being relaxed about such things, decided to make cake for my dinner instead of sensible vegetables.   I ate half for my tea and another great wodge just now, (it's better cold I think).

Here's the simple recipe if you'd like it, with a few Rainbow additions.

Apple cake (8" round cake tin) 180C, 160C fan, Gas 4

7oz sr flour
3oz caster sugar
5oz soft marg/butter
1 egg

1 large cooking apple - peeled cored and sliced
2 spoons sugar
mixed spice
handful of sultanas.

Line the bottom of the tin (gets squishy in there)  Put flour, sugar, marg and egg in a bowl or food processor and mix until combined.

Use 2/3rd mix in the bottom of the tin.  Add sliced apple on top. Add sugar and sultanas.  You could add lemon if you like.  Give a good dusing of mixed spice if you like it, or perhaps cinnamon.

Dot the remaining mix on top. Don't try and spread. Fill the gaps with apricot jam or a spot of marmalade. Maybe even strawberry jam?  Cook for 1 hour (about 45 mins for fan) until golden and firm.  If you have trouble spreading the mix in the bottom of the tin, lift out the lining paper onto your worktop to spread, then pop it back when done.

Delicious hot; soft and moist the next day when cold.

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