Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bit of a rant - Marks and Spencers

What has happened to M&S? 

In an effort to make a huge profit in a difficult market, you have to look at your business strategies, and think about shaving costs a wee bit.  OK I get that.

BUT if their wretched loaves get any smaller they'll have to start calling them rolls. We've watched them shrink from big enough for two for toast and some sandwiches to just enough for one  - if you're a midget with a stomach upset.

And their clothes?  It used to be - in the day - that M&S sizes were so generous you could get away with a size smaller.  I wasn't always a large lady (see left, pre menopause!!) and could quite often squeeze into a size 6. but my expansion aside, their trouser sizes are apparently now some of the smallest on the market, so it's not just me denying the facts of life.

Why don't people buy from you anymore M&S?  Why are you struggling? Because - a bit like me - you're not what you used to be.  

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