Saturday, 22 November 2014

Having fun with Life 15 - Mitrochondrial Roots

 Things in massive closeups aren't flattering for the stitcher, but it's necessary to increase the scale to show you the names I'm stitching on the roots of the woodland.  I've had enormous fun choosing them.

There are controversial names as well as the worthy.  I'm not sure how many I need so only have 50ish so far.  Of course Jane Austen has to be in there as does Malala Yousafzai. I was amazed at how many female scientists there are/were that have made really important discoveries, yet I'd not heard of....not just because of my ignorance either, but because they haven't had their work acknowledged properly.  I hope you'll have fun reading them all to see if there's any you know, or might want to find out about.

Also making a panel advent calendar.  I didn't have time to do anything spectacularly inventive but there we go.  Perhaps Laura can print me off some stockings or similar for future advent calendars!!


  1. Replies
    1. Parcels, baubles, stockings? Fabuuuuulous :) Don't leave it too long, I like a good run up to Christmas - so about August next year?! As you know, I've done all my Xmas shopping....I've also wrapped it all. Just saying.

  2. When my kids were little we had a wonderful felt pocket advent and each pocket held a felt animal and every day they built up a picture of the nativity scene. Sadly all photos, if ever there were any, are lost! I made it but I think the patter cam from a magazine.

  3. Annabel Rainbow - are you by any chance telling porkies?? Or are you truly a domestic goddess??

    1. Yes, ....yes, I believe I truly am a domestic goddess. Just to prove it, I shall invite you round for a spot of lunch (indigestion tablets provided).