Monday, 3 November 2014


I have a new definition of the word "Trapped".

Little Evie was coming to stay and being the good Grandma that I am, I duly prepared by making the house safe for a toddler.  DH was out for the day, so I was able to get on nicely. The bleach was secured, the biscuit tin hidden, doors had their safety wedges, and the cleaning was thorough - up to a toddler height of about 1 metre. 

The stair gate was put into place, but like many inanimate  objects it fought back, and wouldn't open properly.  I decided to sort it out and grabbed the spanner and tightened everything firmly, but sadly, the gate still wouldn't open properly.

It was then, on the last turn of the spanner, that I dropped it and it bounced all the way down the stairs to the bottom.  Bother, I thought, and went to fetch it. Unfortunately, with the gate not opening, and the nuts and bolts tightened beyond undoing with fingers, I was, rather ridiculously, trapped at the top of the stairs.  Did I panic? Yes slightly!!!

I made an escape in due course.  This is Evie btw in a dress that was given to her by Laura Kemshall - she made it for Amelie, and it's very beautiful indeed.  It's a teacup and saucer pattern, which comes in different colours I think.

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