Saturday, 8 November 2014

The beginning of November already.

Progress on Life 15 - Mitochondrial Roots is unfortunately slow, but I think about it often. In my mind, this counts! Here's a sculpture that I saw recently at Gloucester Cathedral called Mitochondrial Woman echoing similar themes I think. I shall do a posting with photos of the other sculptures on show in the Cathedral shortly. IMG_1034   Progress photo update of Life 15. Working on it has had to be fitted around other things, some fun, others not so and I'm frustrated at my progress. After all, can you take yourself seriously, and can others, if you only manage a couple of hours a week? No, I don't think so! IMG_1074-001 I've been enjoying some time with the family and travelling around during this mild Indian summer. No doubt we will soon have to batten down the hatches against winter's onslaught, but for now, it's very silly not to be outside when you can be. We've also been considering moving to a new location, but are still in the musing stages. My granddaughter is a gorgeous little thing and it would be nice to be a little nearer to her. Like all small children she's highly amusing and has me in fits. Recently, she was at a Christening, and all was serious and full of quiet contemplation. The candles had been lit, handed around, and a silent prayer was said. My darling grandaughter, having seen the candles and noticed the quiet, decided that they were all waiting for her to sing "Happy Birthday To You". So she obliged with several full volumn renditions. I also wanted to take the opportunity to tell you again about the new edition of Through our Hands, The Magazine, which is due out in the next few days. It's really the last chance to sign up for the free copy delivered with a newsletter directly into your inbox. Here's the cover photo which is an amazing installation by Susan Lenz, who is the newest artist to join us at Through our Hands. She tells us all about her work in an article she's written for us. (Us, being me, Laura Kemshall and Linda Kemshall)mag3


  1. I did find your website home page very jittery on my old xp operating system with Firefox - too much action and flitting from picture to picture! However, I can plug in the url into my feed reader and your blog posts pop up there just like the blogger ones. The other thing I don't like about Wordpress for blogs is that you have to "sign up" to get future comments on a post you are interested in. I get an e-mail (which before I knew this could sit unread for several days) demanding that I confirm this is what I want, and then I get sent to a page that shows me all the other blogs posts I've confirmed wanting to know when comments are posted. So much more complicated than blogger. But I get why people switch to Wordpress.

    1. Mmmm not sure it was a popular move to be honest. I might have to go back to just making it the artist type website!