Monday, 26 January 2015

"Come on Nanny!" and I issue a challenge.

 My delightful 2 year old granddaughter has been to visit.  She has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and I tend - at the very old age of 59 - to struggle to keep up!!  She's forever saying "Come on Nanny" when she wants me to play at being a caterpillar or a bear or to make cakes under the duvet.

But what a reward for the effort given!  Such a delight.

So what's this got to do with me issuing a challenge?  Simply this; if you click here, you'll find a great sketchbook which has been half-made for you.

I've ordered one of course, and I thought I'd work through it here and on Facebook, and wondered if you'd enjoy the challenge of working alongside me perhaps?  I think Laura is doing this as a project, and is going to put lots of ideas on her blog so tune in there to cut out the middle man! (click the link above).

Of course, this being me, it's just a fun idea, and you might like to have a go yourself, or simply watch my progress. It would be nice to have your company though!

The photos on this page are of the last sketchbook I started in September, but that was more to do with daily drawing practice than having a general slosh around!  I'm looking forward to throwing lots of things at this new book and just seeing what happens.  "Come on, give it a go!"

NOTE:  If you want to follow progress you can now do so on Facebook. It's easier to post and comment!

The page is here


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    1. Hello Jenny, There is no link to go along, it's just blog fun. If other people are interested I would certainly set up a flickr or facebook site. So far it's only you though!!!

  2. If anyone is interested in joining in or just watching, I've started a facebook group here