Saturday, 31 January 2015

Laburnum done for now, so on with the hogweeds and monks hood etc.

Thelaburnum is finished for now but it might need more foliage or racemes a bit later on. It was a bit tedious if I'm honest! They will look better I hope when they're stitched and painted a bit.

Below are some photos I've been keeping to show the stages of development.


  1. I think they'll be very effective though. Think I get it ( duh) poisonous plants??

    1. Well not really, but yes, at the same time! The Poisonous Plant is the whispering in the ear; plant = gossip basically. But the model (and it's the same person twice, as sometimes you tell yourself lies, which equals paranoia) is surrounded by plants mostly poisonous, and the area under the feet will be dead foliage.