Sunday, 18 January 2015

What I did on my Hols.

 I've not posted for a few days and that's because I've been on m'hols.

Not many people would choose to go to the seaside in England in January, but I'm quite fond of a bit of a dramatic sea - providing I'm safely on land of course. I get hopelessly seasick on a pier.

Poole Harbour is home to some very expensive property - 4th most expensive homes in the world; I kid you not - but we contented ourselves with the more mundane. Here's the view from the living room window of our apartment; watching the beautiful sunrises/sunsets was amazing. The calm belies the storm force gales, the snow and thunder (the first time I've experienced the two together) and the lashing rain that we had, but you can't let little things like that stop you from enjoying yourself. On the horizon is Brownsea Island.

We found a pub that sold 84 varieties of cider which was cool, and amazingly well stuffed pies for DH, which meant we were both happy.

I've decided to save up for one of these boats. I've raided the piggy bank and have come up with 47p. Only another couple of million to go.

Back to work now - if I can find those photos I took by candlelight (thought they might make interesting paintings)  NB the vase is a studio piece from Poole Pottery.  Couldn't resisit it - I've had a thing about orangey corals and turquoise ever since seeing the Crab painting by Van Gogh (a few posts ago)

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