Friday, 27 February 2015

About to start the stitching.

Well, that's one part of the garden done, ready for stitching.

In case anyone was wondering, I didn't die yesterday.  Hurrah.


  1. Parchment paper I would guess is mostly natural & would just add fiber. ;-)

    When you arranged your garden, did you work from reference photos or just memory, drawing from your gardening experience?

  2. No, it's just from memories really IB. I had to google some flowers to see what they looked like in detail and I kept the photos to refer back to, but I didn't use any particular photos. I just kept filling the spaces with the mad jumble until it felt full. I will probably add more. Obviously all the plants flower at different times so a garden in the UK would never look like this.

  3. Once again, it's nice to know this is not all coming straight out of your head! Experience in a certain area helps, a few references for guides as to the details perhaps and then just a going for it. You mad jumble very well. ;-)

  4. Annabel, I have recently discovered your art and I am a big fan! I have always been artistic myself, but I have really just discovered the joy of quilting! I love painting on fabric! I too love painting people. The question I have is this? Do you find that it is easier to paint after the quilt is quilted or before? My last project was a bit stiff with the paints that I used which kind of threw off my tension? Any insight would be so appreciated! Again, I love your work!!

    1. Hello Amber, thank you for your lovely comments! I think you need to decide what the piece requires before deciding whether to stitch first or not. If your machine doesn't like stitching through painted fabric there's nothing much you can do about that. You can try adjusting tensions - all sorts of things - but it may not work. I tried out everything before finally giving in and buying a machine that could cope. I decide how much I want the stitching to show. If you stitch first then obviously the paint will change this and hide it to some extent. This is the effect I'm going for, but if you decide you want it to be more visible then you'll need to stitch on top of the paint. It also depends on your style of painting and how thick the paint will be applied. Best of luck and I'm happy to help if you have any problems.