Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Falling a bit in love again.

No, I don't mean snatched moments with gentlemen other than DH. We're both quite happy, as long as there's adequate pie and cake of course.

I mean with quilts!  I don't always feel a connection with quilts from the past.  I admire traditional and older quilts of course, and as a lover of all history and cherisher of artifacts, would respect them for that alone, but I am guilty of not truly being "in love"with the quilts themselves!

I make quilts because I like the technical challenges, and handling fabric, and I like the colours and textures that dye give to cloth. There's a kind of clarity about them.  I like the way the stitched wadded cloth sits against a wall, and, even if I don't like some of the quilts, I like the emotional connection with women who have used them to express themselves and their creativity, which for me, is a little different to liking the quilts themselves. 

The other day, the Kindle battery ran out and I forgot to charge it, so I was reduced to rummaging in the bedsite cabinet for a book.  Yep, an actual book!  The cabinet was stuffed full of quilting books that were left after a recent clearout of the studio, and I just sat in bed for a hour pouring over the coloured pages.  There were so many many beautiful quilts, that I was quite shocked, - and of course, inspired!  

How could I have stopped looking around me at the wonderful work out there? Was it lack of time to look or being too focused on my own work.  Tut, I'm ashamed. It does tend to make one feel inadequate though! Perhaps that's why I stopped, but I shall make time in future "to stand and stare". 


  1. Beautiful thoughts. I have caught myself drifting from my original love affair with antique and traditional quilts as I felt I needed to narrow my focus if I were to get anywhere with the art quilting. And then I get caught up short by those beautiful flowing designs or geometric constructs if I take a moment to look through any of my many quilt books or see one on Facebook and remember from whence I came. There really is so much beauty out there. I almost feel sorry for the quilt appraisers of the future - they will have so many to deal with!

  2. I think many of us are guilty at not having enough time to stand and stare.

    As for old quilts, I've 2. Son No 1 bought 3 back from USA. Daughter purloined one. I have no idea where it is now. The other two are on the beds in my guest bedrooms here at my fabulous 'up market B&B' ( where the guests have to make their own breakfast!!)

    They are lovely things. I really do admire them. I could never make one, but love them for what they are.

    Right where's my Kaffe Fassett book?

    1. You're quite right ltw, we don't allow enough time to look around. The book I was looking at was the art quilts one - there's two editions - and it has just big piccies and a very brief explanation about what the artist is doing. (ties in nicely with the last posting!) so you can just indulge without having to concentrate on the artist speak! A x