Friday, 6 February 2015

What's on your iPod

Through Our Hands, The Magazine, has a section where we ask an invited artist several light hearted questions about themselves, including "What's On Your iPod"?  The answers vary of course from, complete silence to Wagner's Ring Cycle!

But, it often makes me wonder what I'd play.  I get bouts of obsession about certain sounds, and the most recent has been Nick Cave's Red Right Hand. We can thank the BBC and it's series Peaky Blinders for that one!  (above if you want to listen.)  But, today, we went to visit the home of 2-Tone which is just down the road in Coventry, to The Coventry Music Museum.

It's listed on TripAdvisor as the top visitor venue in the Midlands, but to my great shame, I'd never heard of it. It's delightful.

Coventry, bless it, couldn't be described as the most cultural destination in the Midlands, but it gave 2-Tone music to the world, and is justifiably proud. You may also have heard of The Specials, The Selector, Madness, The Beat, Hazel O'Connor, The Primitives, King, Dave Willetts, Lieutenant Pigeon, Stereo Nation, and loads more, and all from Coventry.

The museum is quite small reflected in the admission charge of only £2!  It's staffed by very knowledgeable and helpful volunteers, and we left with a feeling that it was a labour of love for all of them.  If they didn't know the answer to something, they'd certainly find out for you.  There's LOADS of memorabilia from stage costumes and guitars to tickets and photos.  They even had the Lennon Bench, which John Lennon and Yoko donated to Coventry, on a visit, which commemorates the "Acorns for Peace" event in the 60's.

Right: The Curator asked for our photo in front of a Rude Boy's bedroom set-up.

There's a small cafe, and a few shops forming a "village" round the museum where you can buy T shirts and memorabilia.

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