Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I do like a play on words.

I'm coming to the end of building my garden.  Of course you'll not see any of the plants that are flowering such as Lily of the Valley or Laburnum, at the same time as those that are in their autumn colourings eg the Rhus, or the Sumac being constructed on the left.  But I'm not bothered.

Then I thought that those viewing the quilt might just think I'd made a mistake!  I looked for something in the title which might help to explain it.

Titles are really really important to me, and I spend a lot of time thinking and trying to get them right in my mind. So, Poisonous Plant, has now morphed into The Unseasonable Poisonous Plant. Unseasonable has two meanings.  The first is to do with seasons ie when my plants would normally be in flower or dropping their leaves, and the archaic meaning of inopportune, which refers to the untimely whispering, or planting, and spreading of poison.  It may be cumbersome but I like it!!

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  1. I immediately thought "conspiracy" which is not far off.