Friday, 10 April 2015

Finished the stitching on Life 16 - The Unseasonable Poisonous Plant

I've finally finished all the stitching for Life 16, apart from the bodies as I'm still pondering but will have to make a decision soon.  I also have to unpick a bit of skyline and do it again in the colour and pattern of the garden/ground.  It's too low - don't know what I was thinking of. 


  1. Gorgeous - one of those women must definitely be my old neighbour at an open garden, whispering to her friend that she is going to pinch a few cuttings! Grrrr!!!

  2. That's amazing. I had to look closely at the background stitching to confirm it was not done by hand. It has that ripple effect that some close hand quilting has. Hope that's what you were going for! Looks great in the photo.