Sunday, 3 May 2015

So, I'm off to buy a dress.

I thought that I'd tell you about my sojourn into the land of dresses. 

I haven't worn a dress for nearly 20 years, but for some reason had a desire to clad myself in sophisticated attire, so whilst my DD was staying for the weekend, we both went to do a spot of shopping.

I had seen a beige linen dress with t-shirt type sleeves - nice and loose and baggy and suitable for how I see myself; as the older larger lady, and I went into the changing rooms to try it on. Mmm, I wasn't sure about it so decided to ask DD.

She looked at me in the dress for a bit, and I could tell she was struggling to find a way of forming her thoughts into kind and supportive words.  "Be honest" I said. 

"It's a tiny bit ......  um....medieval" came the reply. I looked at myself in the mirror again, and she was right!  I really should have had the words "flour" stenciled along the length of me.  She then said, (having started, why stop?) if you want me to be really honest, you look like you're about to sell turnips to Boldrick.

At which point we collapsed into giggles. Ah me.

In the end I settled on a nice little number in pink spotty linen which rather gives the effect of Grayson Perry on a bad day. THAT'S why I haven't worn a dress for 20 years!


  1. Oh, your true life tales do put a smile on my face. I did not have the benefit of a trusted unbiased opinion on my last dress-hunting foray a few years back. I too hadn't the need for one for a long time but was off to a garden wedding & had visions of elegance. I explained carefully to one sales clerk - rather young - what I had in mind. What she insisted I try on looked absolutely ridiculous and horrid on me, even if I had liked anything about it. And yet that clerked beamed when she saw me & gushed over how cool I looked. I set her straight and moved on.

    After looking in many shops with no luck, I resorted to ordering something on line fingers crossed. It was perfect & I did feel elegant at the wedding. I even approved after the fact when viewing photos. That's often the point where one exclaims "What was I thinking?" ;-)

  2. Sorry chuck! But you can't leave us dangling there!! We need pictures!!!

  3. Hell no, to the photo. Your imagination will do me far better justice! Largely because of the comment above by IB who is right of course. Still, I find that if you go into a shop and try on things you wouldn't normally think suitable you can come up with surprizing results. A xx ps LTW, thank you for your kind link on the last posting - how very cheering. x

  4. I too struggle with clothes shopping. I am not particularly large,but lots of dresses make me look "matronly". Which does not fit with my self image at all! Bohemian, yes. Eccentric, yes. But Matronly!! It makes me shudder!

  5. Mmm. I love layers. But when your short and squarish, you have a tendency towards looking like a jellyfish.

  6. Like you, hadn't been inside a dress for 20 years but felt I needed to have one as mother of the bridegroom. Wonderful fashion adviser at John Lewis (Edinburgh) took one look and told me, before I even tried anything on, that I was wearing the wrong size bra - and she was right! She then said she was going to coax (ie bully) me right out of my comfort zone, which she did, and the dress I ended up with was amazing. Only ever wore it that one day but it proves it's always worth asking the expert!