Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The May edition of the magazine is out!

You'll be amazed at the new edition of Through Our Hands, the magazine.

The cover is the work of the amazing Jenni Dutton, whose Dementia Darnings moved me to tears.

You can read more here

If you would like a free preview of the contents and to read the Sue Stone article, click here

Thank you for supporting Through Our Hands. 


  1. Just a query, has this stopped being free to read online and the only way to see the whole magazine is to buy one?

  2. Hello Maggi, Yes the first 4 issues are available to read online for free, or available to download and keep for £3 per issue. There is a free preview of the latest issue available to look at online, but the full issue is download only. Laura, Linda, and I, plus many others, have put lots of hard work into each issue and we hope you'll find it very good value. Through Our Hands is free to all Affiliate Artists, but we have many costs involved in setting up our free exhibitions, and we are a not for profit organization, and really appreciate the support our readers give us. Thanks for letting me explain.

  3. I saw Maggi Dutton's work at council offices on the South Bank a month or so ago. My Dad had Alzheimers disease, and when I saw these images, I could have sat and wept. Her depiction of different aspects of the deterioration and emotions of Alzheimers was outstanding. They go from total lucidity to the foetal position. Just thinking about them makes me give thanks for her ability to portray the condition with such compassion. These works are so astonishing when seen in reality. They are brilliant when online or in a magazine, but move out of all understanding when seen for real. So, all subscribers, enjoy reading about Maggi and her work, and if you get the chance to see them for real, don't miss out.

  4. And actually, I meant Jenni! Doh!

    1. Thank you Cathy, they are truly wonderful aren't they and very compassionate and sensitve, and I hope to see them irl at some point.Annabel x