Saturday, 20 June 2015

I love a good box!

One of the things I like to collect in a small way is boxes.  I love them! I've been looking for one to house my small collection of gardening memorabilia including the sketchbook I've made of my time as a guerrilla gardener (nb I still am one but a bit more quietly these days!) I've combed charity shops, antique centres and of course eBay.

But I was lucky enough to meet someone at the Leamington Peace Festival who makes them and imports them from Morocco, and he's made one especially for me to my design and sizes. Whoop!

It's thuja wood, and just over A4 sized - really thick and substantial - so I'm very happy.

Should anyone else fancy a box of some description (and the above is quite plain) there isn't a website but Miloud can be contacted by email on


  1. Cool! Beautiful! Love that wood.

  2. Gorgeous. The Man Who Has Everything might just get something similar for his upcoming birthday...