Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Mint Tea and Phlegm

For our recent wedding anniversary, I suggested to DH that we visit the theatre. Of course, he said, I'll go to The Strand and you can go to the Lyceum!  Typical.

We went in fact to the local theatre at Stratford Upon Avon.  We live on the doorstep of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and people travel from all over the world just to go there, but are we regulars at such a wondrous place? No, ashamedly, of course not, because we don't appreciate that it's there.

So we took ourselves off to have a meal out and an evening with The Merchant of Venice. Whilst tucking into our meal, we were regaled by the young lady next to us telling her friend in a loud voice, about various people, her love life, her voice, singing, and fellow workers. At one point whilst she was sipping mint tea, we heard all about her battle with phlegm and white spots on her throat. Nice. However all is forgiven, because when we got to the theatre we both recognised her as Portia!  And jolly good she was too - quite made the play.

We have vowed to go more often of course, and even rashly began a plan to see every Shakespeare play ever written. Now there's a challenge.


  1. I've got a poster at home which shows Shakespears head created from every play he'd ever written. Bought at Stratford a gazillion years ago for some anniversary or other ( in the 70s - ahem!!) there are an awful lot of plays, so you'd better get cracking!!!

  2. Sounds like she had strep throat! I hope she doesn't pass it to the whole cast.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  3. Yes, there's a lot more plays out there than I realized. Still I like a challenge - and I soon qualify for old persons rates. You have to wait for them to come round so I guess we might not have a chance but never say never.

    Sandy: it does. Quite put me off my pasta!