Saturday, 18 July 2015

An afternoon finding out about buttonholes.

People think that because I sew a lot, I must know all about making clothes. Well I don't!

When I was a teenager I dabbled with sewing because you had to at school, but I never seemed to get beyond the tacking stage and the big seams.  Facings and buttonholes always seemed a step too far. So I've never made myself anything.

I did make my daughters some dresses when they were small - before they became too old to complain!

So why, especially when yesterdays posting was all about how busy I've been, did I spend an afternoon making this?  I bought my machine in 2013, and have never even looked at how to do a buttonhole, so I needed to get to grips with that amongst other things.  Amazing how things have changed in the last 25 years!!  It was a doddle with automatic measuring, a choice of styles, and a button to push.  Mmmm, it's ALMOST enjoyable!!  Not saying it's a work of genius of course, but a start. My poor granddaughters.


  1. I call it procrastination - I've spent the afternoon making Amelie trousers, yes I should be quilting...The dress is super cute btw!

  2. Yep, I think you're probably right. I should be pressing on with the quilting too...I will have to very soon!! I found a good recipe for small persons trousers but it required stretchy leggings material and I wasn't sure how to tackle the edges without an overlocker. The last pair you made for Amelie were gorgeous - are you making her a pile of them?! A x

    1. Yesterday's pair were normal cotton fabric for the legs and just a jersey waistband which worked out really nicely. I haven't got an overlocker either so use a stretch stitch on the sewing machine, but the overlocker does a better job. I'm going to cut out a whole pile of leggings and get Mom to whizz them up on her overlocker, they only take a few minutes each. I'm very tempted to get my own though...

    2. Yes I can understand the temptation, I'd love one too, but on the basis on one small dress that's a little indulgent!! I've realised that I have had the feed dogs down for the whole of that dress including the embroidery and am amazed that the machine did such a good odd. I went to Manchester yesterday but the dress is too short - more a tunic - but I will try the leggings things as they are so practical.