Thursday, 20 August 2015

DMTV, pots and a love of orange and turquoise...and some hair and a scarf

Here's some progress on Life 17 The Inexorable Tide of Dinner

The beginning. Drawing the face with soft pencil onto the cloth and blocking in some flesh tones.

Deciding on the large blocks of colour (I need to do this early on so I can get a feel for the balance of the colours)  That great white mound on the left is going to be plates and dishes with mashed potato and sausages sticking out....amongst other things.

I just love orange, and find bits of it sneaking in to my paintings everywhere.  I've decided to go with magenta for this lady's scarf, but managed to get some cadmium orange into the highlights! It goes especially well in my mind with turquoise - another favourite. I've only just started work on Life 17 and will be tackling the face next.

I've recently been catching up on the wonderful DMTV shows (been a bit busy!) and I always end up inspired and unable to wait to experiment! Laura's got me going again and wanting to get out the dyes for a spot of thickened dye printing, painting, stencilling.

I bought this pot last year when I visited Poole Pottery, so you might guess where I'm going to be going with it all!  I'm going to set aside a day when Graham is otherwise engaged and run riot in the kitchen. I love the clarity and vibrancy of dye and the way it mixes together to produce beautiful surface textures. Sometimes I need a little reminder to play about a bit!!

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