Friday, 18 September 2015

Another textile mag takes the plunge...

....and publishes some life painting. Well done Textile Fibre Forum (Australian)

I've been pottering in my sketchbook/diary again and this sketch on the left is a rose hip to go with the image of full rose blooms next to it...I had them for my birthday.

I wanted to save my cards - I hate throwing away people's sentiment and their lovely comments. It feels like you are rejecting them!!  So, I've saved them as a background thanks to the wonderful idea of doing a 3 month diary/sketchbook.

Mind you I am a class A fully qualified idiot who feels the need to stack the dishwasher in a way so nothing is left to feel lonely. You know, putting two teaspoons together so neither feels left out. No?  Just me then!

1 comment:

  1. I am laughing so hard about loading the dishwasher. I thought I was the only sentimental fool who felt that way. Love the idea of saving the cards in your art diary. I keep all of mine. I think of the postcard collection I have of my Grandmother's, and all the ephemera that is selling now. Where will future artists find these things? In my house, that's for sure. No, you are not alone.