Sunday, 20 September 2015

Progress on the portrait for the Inexorable Tide of Dinner.

First layer of paint goes on top of the pencil drawing. Watery acrylics to block in tones.
Then the second layer is about getting the cloth soaked around the stitching and having fun with colours - this is mostly delft blue and lemon yellow.
3rd layer of paint begins to make it more realistic. Still using watery acrylics but beginning to make them thicker. Giving definition to eyes and other features, to find out what goes where and how things like the nostrils work. Probably another couple of layers ought to see it finished.


  1. Such clever stuff Annabel, it's hard enough painting portraits at the best of times on something as simple as a canvas, but to paint on a surface like cotton fabric, that has been heavily stitched, and creating valleys and hills where paint can either get trapped or refuse to soak in, well, you must be a genius!

    1. Definitely not one of those Cath!! The hardest thing I've found is to be patient when you put the colour on because you think it's just right, but when it dries the colour has either disappeared or morphed into something completely different.