Friday, 9 October 2015

Sketchbook/Diary pages - starting October

 In the last couple of days we've been to Hidecote Manor in the Cotswolds and Upton House - which holds the national collection of asters. They looked lovely and provide a beautiful splash of colour.  I hadn't realized how many varieties they were!

My sketchpad doesn't have the right sort of paper for watercolours which needs to be thick and have a slight tooth to the surface in order to add interest and allow you to pile the water on.  Cartridge paper isn't the same - but it's still a nice record of my visits.

I'll carry on working on it once it's dried.

I put wax on this bit of paper before putting the paint on, scraped the wax off and re-applied the paint. I just love the colour - a mix of Alizarin Crimson, and Windsor Blue.

We have a new shop opened in the town called Tiger. I'm fairly sure it's a chain of shops but I haven't come across it before. It sells really cheap art stuff - a cross between Ikea, Muji, and a Pound Shop!!  Do check it out if you have one as there are huge sketchbooks for £10 and wooden alphabet stamp sets for £4. I didn't buy the sketchbooks as I'm getting fussy in my old age, but the paper seems fine for mucking about in.

The box on the right was £9. I simply put some fabric in the back instead of the paper insert provided, and popped some bits and bobs in.  It hangs over the mantlepiece.  If I ever find a better quality box, I'll replace it, but as I change decor quite often it will do for now.

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