Monday, 23 November 2015

Diary catch up

A couple of pages to share.
This page is in response to a visit to Alrewas - you may recognize the statue from an earlier posting. As it's been taken from a photo of it, you can sense the solidity of the stone in the folds of the fabric, that's come through because I've copied it.

As it's a black stone monument, I thought I'd try something I haven't done for years, which is to take a page or shape and completely blacken it with charcoal and use a rubber to remove the highlights.

Usually you use an ordinary rubber but because the image is so small in my book, I've used a battery powered eraser in order to get the fine lines. Not sure I like the fiddlyness of doing this particular image that way, but there's tremendous scope for something larger scale and more relaxed.

Here's the detail

We recently visited family in Dorset, and this monoprint is of the pier at Boscombe near Bournemouth. We arrived on a beautiful sunny day, but by evening the wind had started to whip up into a storm.

It was the tail end of storm Abigail and hit the coast during the afternoon of 14th November. The sky was dark and streaked with red. The sand blew into our faces and it was difficult to walk against the wind and the outlines of the pier were obscured. But we managed it and ended up in a very nice pub. This coloured and layered monoprint is how it felt to me.

And this was the pub!  I loved the atmosphere and wonderful drawings and photos of Chaplin dotted around the rooms, including this one of Einstein.  I used black and white acrylics to get this effect, and again, used a photo to copy - one that was in the pub.

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