Monday, 9 November 2015

Moving on

After such a hectic time with Through Our Hands last year, it was only natural to heave a sigh and take 5 minutes to regroup and rest the spirit if not the body.

 I have purposely given myself "time-off" from the Life Story quilts whilst I rethink my directions in creative life. I'd allowed myself pottering time until the end of November with the intention of switching off completely whilst I rethink.

I have no plans to abandon quilting of course and both the painting and stitching will go on and on I hope, but we all need to rethink directions now and then.

Fortunately for me, feeling inspired to do new work has never been a problem and I have lots of ideas in the pipeline for the Life series, but I feel the need to evolve and develop in order to be innovative and fresh.

Evolving for me is more about technique than it is subject matter.

Of course, getting quilts taken seriously by the established art world is still a problem. You are up against lots of prejudices before you even start. There are many reasons for this, one being that I'm quite possibly not a good enough artist!

Sure, I manage to get into Open Art Competitions in established galleries, but I do realize that I'm sometimes chosen to fulfil the judges need to show a rounded exhibition and there are not that many quilters interested in submitting.

Quilts can be wonderful, the problem is getting people outside the sphere to see that, and I am not discussing the merits here. Open competitions help of course, and Through Our Hands was established to help other artists overcome that little hurdle and is doing well with currently 27 Affiliate Artists and lots of ideas in the pipeline for exhibitions as well as our first book, the magazine, website with shop etc.

There's a challenge of sorts there for me though, and you have my premise for rethinking. And my solution?  Well I have an idea of presenting my work in a slightly different way.

Painting quilts remains a challenge in itself as it's quite difficult for me to get the effects I want.  I'm quite graphic out of necessity as a stitched line provides a boundary as well as an extra layer to a painting.

This can be a problem and I feel limited in the current way of working. Sure I could get loose and painterly within the stitched lines, but I'd like to move outside of those lines completely.  It sounds odd, and isn't really, being just a shift in structure for my work.

What am I on about?

Well, you know me.

 Please do stay and watch if you'd like to whilst I try!! 


  1. Looking forward to seeing what evolves! Your gorgeous woman Laura K has helped me move from representational to the more painterly looseness I seek.

    1. That's fab rcw, and looking forward to seeing your new direction. Whilst Laura isn't exactly "my" Laura, :) I know she'd be thrilled to know that she's helped. She's pretty inspirational!!

  2. You've lost me slightly ( well a lot actually) but it's late, I'm tired and I've had a couple of glasses of wine!!

    I'll re read when I'm sober and awake! XXXX