Thursday, 12 November 2015

New Work

So, moving on from the last sad little posting, to new work.

The first thing I need to do is establish a working theme, which I think I already have in the proposed Life Story quilt, The Futility of Self Worth - or maybe the more humorous The Inexplicable Tide Of Dinner.  I then need to establish a size. Yep, odd that isn't it?! But about 150 x 300 cms perhaps. I'd like to go bigger but my house isn't large enough to work on anything bigger than that. I need to know at the beginning how much space I'll have to play with.

My inspirations for style are probably Hogarth (who I think is wonderful) and Grayson Perry (ditto) and my own collage above of some of the Life Story quilts.

I confounded a few people with my last posting about this, and that's probably because I'm not entirely clear myself and my new idea will evolve as I go along.

I shall be doing lots of paintings, collages, printing, etc  I'll be off to make a start soon.

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