A very few of my experiments are for sale on my website very cheaply if you're interested, as I hate to throw things away. However, selling is not what this blog is about - I'd have starved to death years ago if it was - it would make me happy if you just enjoy the processes.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Another try at painting quickly in a different style -not every one is a winner!!

By Tom Phillips (1985ish) of Brian Eno. Seen at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Apparently Tom Phillips is also a composer and taught Brian Eno.

I like the mark making of red lines which lift the turquoise colours.

Could you recognize Eno? Does it matter?

 Of course my rendition just about touches on the colourings, and I used some red paint graphically to show highlights, but it left me feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied. There is quite a lot of skill in Tom Phillips painting even though it looks like random splodges, and I wasn't quite able to get that. I found it hard to let go of what I knew and what I felt I needed to put in in order to read a face. Phillips didn't put in Eno's left eye and the right is without a pupil or highlight to bring it to life, but he's managed to convey a sense of the sitters gaze and state of mind.

To be honest, it was only by painting this that I was able to look closely enough and register the beauty of it.  Still don't like my own version though. Yuck!! I will take that use of the red paint with me though - genius.

That just about completes the 3 month visual diary. I want to go back over one or two things, but I'll do a posting of all the pages when I've finished. It was good fun!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Beginning a new quilt - looking at portrait styles

George Mallory, by Duncan Grant in 1912. Oil on panel.

George Mallory was a mountaineer and a friend of the Bloomsbury writers and artists.  He made 3 expeditions to Mount Everest, and died on the last one trying to reach the summit.  His body was recovered in 1999.

As my guests have now gone home :(( and I've cleared the decks of empty bottles and torn wrapping paper, I thought I'd spend half an hour seeing if I could do something in a different style to my usual, and chose the above painting as inspiration.

 I took a selfie on the iPad (note to self: try make up one day) which I then worked on in my sketchbook.

As the sketchbook is still part of my visual diary and includes Christmas, the result is accompanied by a few simple words which sum up this Christmas for me...."Champagne-like joy bubbles through her head."

It conveys all the essentials I suppose, and I've tried something new which is a fitting start to the new year and the new work I think.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Cheer

 I made this little Advent Calendar a couple of years ago with instructions from DMTV

I thought I'd go through it a day at a time on Facebook, if you'd care to join me!

This will be my last big family Christmas as the grandchildren will be inventing their own traditions in the coming years, and so I've been making an effort and getting ready to cater for 8 people for 5 days - no mean feat IMHO.

Although I have my moments, I'm not a great cook and have got decidedly lazy as I've aged! Thank goodness for the new freezer which is now bulging at the seams.

The creative textile genes are still ticking over although I'm on a go slow it seems, but I will be back in the New Year with renewed vigour and a new exhibition to work towards. I'm looking forward to it and don't worry too much about the fallow times as distancing yourself for a bit is always worthwhile. The trick is to come back at some point!!

So before I go to hang the bunting, and deck the halls, I just wanted to wish everyone a warm and happy Christmas with those they love - or at least like a bit - and a very joyous and happy New Year too. Thank you for sticking with me and reading the blog xx

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

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