Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Another try at painting quickly in a different style -not every one is a winner!!

By Tom Phillips (1985ish) of Brian Eno. Seen at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Apparently Tom Phillips is also a composer and taught Brian Eno.

I like the mark making of red lines which lift the turquoise colours.

Could you recognize Eno? Does it matter?

 Of course my rendition just about touches on the colourings, and I used some red paint graphically to show highlights, but it left me feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied. There is quite a lot of skill in Tom Phillips painting even though it looks like random splodges, and I wasn't quite able to get that. I found it hard to let go of what I knew and what I felt I needed to put in in order to read a face. Phillips didn't put in Eno's left eye and the right is without a pupil or highlight to bring it to life, but he's managed to convey a sense of the sitters gaze and state of mind.

To be honest, it was only by painting this that I was able to look closely enough and register the beauty of it.  Still don't like my own version though. Yuck!! I will take that use of the red paint with me though - genius.

That just about completes the 3 month visual diary. I want to go back over one or two things, but I'll do a posting of all the pages when I've finished. It was good fun!


  1. The many faces of Annabel... it could be a series! ;-) I find it a bit brave using yourself as the subject of these experiments when you will be sharing them so openly. I know the self portrait is encouraged & means you always have a model on hand. But not sure that I could take that much study of my own features. It makes perfect sense though for your visual journal. I'm enjoying learning a little about these artists then seeing your go at their style.

    1. thanks for your comment IB.To be honest, I didn't really set out to paint myself - it's an academic exercise, and I'm experimenting with what's to hand, and am excited to try. I have no problems sharing the results openly whatever they are...not quite sure why I would really. I'm like Cromwell - a warts and all sort of person.