Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Beginning a new quilt - looking at portrait styles

George Mallory, by Duncan Grant in 1912. Oil on panel.

George Mallory was a mountaineer and a friend of the Bloomsbury writers and artists.  He made 3 expeditions to Mount Everest, and died on the last one trying to reach the summit.  His body was recovered in 1999.

As my guests have now gone home :(( and I've cleared the decks of empty bottles and torn wrapping paper, I thought I'd spend half an hour seeing if I could do something in a different style to my usual, and chose the above painting as inspiration.

 I took a selfie on the iPad (note to self: try make up one day) which I then worked on in my sketchbook.

As the sketchbook is still part of my visual diary and includes Christmas, the result is accompanied by a few simple words which sum up this Christmas for me...."Champagne-like joy bubbles through her head."

It conveys all the essentials I suppose, and I've tried something new which is a fitting start to the new year and the new work I think.


  1. Well I did not know that Duncan Grant was a friend of that George Mallory. I'm a huge fan of the Bloomsbury clan and find Charleston Farmhouse very inspirational. Yes I know they were all from privileged backgrounds and I would have been below stairs, but Vanessa and Virginia Bell were very liberated for their day and the surface decoration at Charleston is simply inspiring. They were painters ( well not Virginia obviously) first and for most) but we're not limited to canvas. I wish I had the courage to paint the doors like they did. Soft furnishings too. Great for us textile birds!

    I don't know so much about Duncan Grant but love this portrait. Wasn't there a famous French artist who painted with spots? I need to go google that.

    I've done nothing arty for weeks. It was manic in the run up to December but then day job and other stuff overtook me. I hope to have an arty day this weekend. And maybe my New Years resolution shoul be a visual diary!

    Must crack on!

    Happy seasonal greeting my dear

    Hilary ( your biggest fan!) xxx

  2. Happy New year to you too. I recommend the diary as it's something you can grab when you're in the mood, and don't have to do very earnest stuff - just record what's been happening. x