Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Cheer

 I made this little Advent Calendar a couple of years ago with instructions from DMTV

I thought I'd go through it a day at a time on Facebook, if you'd care to join me!

This will be my last big family Christmas as the grandchildren will be inventing their own traditions in the coming years, and so I've been making an effort and getting ready to cater for 8 people for 5 days - no mean feat IMHO.

Although I have my moments, I'm not a great cook and have got decidedly lazy as I've aged! Thank goodness for the new freezer which is now bulging at the seams.

The creative textile genes are still ticking over although I'm on a go slow it seems, but I will be back in the New Year with renewed vigour and a new exhibition to work towards. I'm looking forward to it and don't worry too much about the fallow times as distancing yourself for a bit is always worthwhile. The trick is to come back at some point!!

So before I go to hang the bunting, and deck the halls, I just wanted to wish everyone a warm and happy Christmas with those they love - or at least like a bit - and a very joyous and happy New Year too. Thank you for sticking with me and reading the blog xx


  1. Wishing you and your's a delightful and fun filled Christmas. Your blog bring so much joy and inspiration, there are no words to express my gratitude. See you in the new year.

  2. Annabel - whether here or on FB ( to be honest I prefer blogs - they're more personal I think) you have to know I am your biggest fan. The others all pale into insignificance next to me! They may be in ranks be phone me but I lead from the front!! ( you're probably now thinking what a load of b*l**cks! What has Hilary been on? The cooking sherry???)

    Seriously, I love your blog, your work and you are such a lovely warm person. I've loved your advent calendar too. Going to make one for next year!

    Looking forward to sharing more of your life next year. I hope the large hoards over Christmas help with the washing up!

    Onwards and upwards my dear.

    Hilary xxx

    1. Ok Hilary, I won't try to push and shove myself to the front of the line, but I am right behind you in my fandomship of the lovely Annabel. I concur with your comments and wishes to her (except maybe the one about what you've been on - lol). We make a right good cheering squad, don't you think? ;-)

    2. Indeed you do! I think the term and substance "cooking" should be applied liberally to the cook and not the recipe! Thank you ladies, for sticking with me all these years - I'd give you a medal if I knew where to get one!

  3. Well, what a lovely couple of comments, thank you both so much! How cool is that? Wishing you both an extra special Christmas xx

  4. Blessings to you during the holiday season and into the new year, dear Annabel! So glad you have kept up your blog. I find it interesting and inspirational on so many levels. Plus you offer a good laugh from time to time!

    1. Cheers IB. I know you are always honest, so am flattered and thankful. Good cheer to you over the festive season, and here's to a continued journey!


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